Menu a’la carte


  • Beef sirloin with lardo, lovage and pickles

    52 PLN
  • Caviar of sturgeon with Russian pancakes, egg and sour cream

    210 PLN
  • Rabbit with kohlrabi, shallot and colorful tomatoes

    45 PLN
  • MΩWI salmon tartare with lime, dill, rice and green cucumber

    45 PLN
  • Foie gras with apple, rhubarb and butter brioche

    65 PLN
  • Risotto with truffle

    65 PLN
  • Salad with smoked trout from Zielenica with fresh and marinated vegetables and herbal vinaigrette

    45 PLN


  • Guinea fowl broth with parsley noodles and spring vegetables

    27 PLN
  • Lobster soup with crab meat and mussels

    29 PLN
  • Cream of green pea with mint, trout and smoked sour cream

    25 PLN
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Main Courses

  • Halibut with broccoli, zucchini and kale

    120 PLN
  • Veal sirloin with mushrooms, aubergine and sweet potato

    110 PLN
  • Octopus with potatoes, capers and chorizo

    75 PLN
  • MΩWI salmon fillet with green pea, cauliflower, millet and fish sauce

    80 PLN
  • Corn chicken with green bean, young cabbage and potatoes

    65 PLN
  • Lobster with cauliflower, spinach and tarragon

    240 PLN
  • Duck fillet with red cabbage, carrot and orange

    75 PLN


  • Strawberries with rhubarb, mascarpone, mint and ice cream

    23 PLN
  • Chocolate with coffee and red fruits

    26 PLN
  • Selection of ice cream and sorbets from Amore Bio Gelato

    20 PLN


Please be advised that food prepared in the Blow Up Hall Restaurant may contain following ingredients:

nuts, shellfish, milk, gluten, alcohol and other less sensitizing products.

In order to avoid an allergic reaction inform the waiter about your allergies.

Sylwester 2019/2020 w Blow Up Hall 5050

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