Menu a’la carte


  • beef tartare with pickles, shallots, French mustard, served with an egg yolk and truffle powder

    49 PLN
  • chicory with  goat’s cheese, marinated nuts, pear puree and honey crisp

    44 PLN
  • octopus with potato puree and chorizo cream sauce, capers and cuttlefish sepia sauce

    49 PLN
  • quail on Polenta with corn mousse, blackcurrant and corn sprouts

    47 PLN


  • lobster bisque with crab meat and fennel

    28 PLN
  • game consomme with mushrooms and rosemary dumplings

    24 PLN
  • soup of the week

    15 PLN

Salad / Pasta / Risotto

  • salad with dried beef, taleggio cheese, mushrooms and marinated veggies

    39 PLN
  • onion risotto with pan fried shallot, chive crème and thyme powder

    39 PLN
  • pappardelle pasta with mushrooms, truffles, champignon mushroom crisps and dried egg yolk

    45 PLN
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Main Dishes

  • corn fed duck with chicory, smoked plum, pumpkin  and cabbage puree

    69 PLN
  • salmon trout with artichokes, fennel, clams and topinambour

    78 PLN
  • rib eye with champignon mushrooms, white bean, sable with calf liver and colorful carrots

    85 PLN
  • beef loin with foie gras, potatoes, seasonal veggies, celery puree and truffles sauce

    98 PLN
  • dish of the week

    35 PLN


  • apple terrine with sorbet, puree, gel, apple essence and mousse

    23 PLN
  • white chocolate bombe with pumpkin and orange ice cream, blackberry sauce, salted caramel and pumpkin mousse

    28 PLN
  • corinthian Cheese Selection with homemade preserves

    46 PLN
  • selection of homemade sorbets and ice creams

    18 PLN

Please be advised that food prepared in the Blow Up Hall Restaurant may contain following ingredients:

nuts, shellfish, milk, gluten, alcohol and other less sensitizing products.

In order to avoid an allergic reaction inform the waiter about your allergies.

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Od 01.08.2017r. Menu lunchowe

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