Menu a’la carte


  • Beef tartare with onion mayonnaise, brown mushroom, cucumber pickle and leek

    46 PLN
  • Octopus with mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, black olive, sun-dried tomatoes and shellfish sauce

    49 PLN
  • Ravioli with beetroot and Marek Grądziecki  goats’ cheese  in creamy sauce with fried sage and rice crisps

    30 PLN


  • Cream of potato with yolk, bacon crisps, truffle potato puree and sour cream

    19 PLN
  • Tomato Consomme with wolfish cheeks,  coloured cherry tomatoes, kafir lime and roasted pepper puree

    25 PLN

Salad / Pasta / Risotto

  • Cod fish salad with shrimps and seasonal vegetable pickles, pumpkin pits and spicy vinaigrette

    35 PLN
  • Black tagliolini with octopus, chorizo, shallot, tomatoes and coriander

    35 PLN


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Main Courses

  • Beef loin with wild mushrooms,  scorzonera (ewentualnie black salsify), coloured carrot and spinach in foie gras sauce

    95 PLN
  • Boned pork chop with savoy cabbage, onion, potatoes and apple sauce

    62 PLN
  • Catfish croquette and fillet with Jerusalem artichoke, kale, pumpkin, capers, romaine lettuce and fish sauce

    79 PLN


  • Chocolate pipe stuffed with mousse, puree, sorbet, pear powder and pear crumble

    26 PLN
  • Puff pastry with blackberry cream, apricot puree, vanilla mousse and forest fruitgranite

    19 PLN
  • Ice cream and sorbet selection from Amore Bio Gelato

    18 PLN


Please be advised that food prepared in the Blow Up Hall Restaurant may contain following ingredients:

nuts, shellfish, milk, gluten, alcohol and other less sensitizing products.

In order to avoid an allergic reaction inform the waiter about your allergies.

Restauracja Blow Up Hall Pon. - sob. 

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Sylwester 2018/2019

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